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Tracks to the Future 2024: Support Student Travel

Please give by March 20, 2024.

We will be making initial selections for the campus locations during the week of March 18.

The third iteration of Tracks to the Future program registrations are rapidly progressing. This year we have 200 slots at 10 different Universities! One of our goals is to have the program available for students regardless of their financial status. FRA covers the program costs, but transportation to the host sites is not covered. Last year, 1 in every 6 students received transportation support. If you want to help the students to learn of rail transportation, below is how to provide a corporate donation that supports student travel. All donations come to Michigan Tech, who will reimburse students requesting assistance across all 10 campuses either fully or partially (depending on amount available) based on students’ actual travel expenses.

How to Support Travel

Make a Donation

Donate to the Michigan Tech Fund by March 20, 2024. Please give to the Rail Transportation Program General Support fund, which supports student travel and its administration.

How to Give

If you would like to support Tracks to the Future student travel, please select the level of contribution below. The fund designation “Rail Transportation Program General Support (CEGE)” is already selected for you. Please fill out the contact information and billing address, then select Give Now. Send email to Amanda ( to confirm your donation. Please send your company logo. Thank you in advance for supporting the next generation of railroaders.

Levels of Support

Platinum: $2,000 and up supports eight students. (Panel Discussion Slot and Logo in Materials)

Diamond: $1,000 supports four students. Brand Representation (Logo in Materials)

Gold: $500 supports two students. Brand Representation (Logo in Materials)

All companies who support are recognized on the website and in program materials.

Confirm Your Donation

Send email to Amanda ( to confirm your donation. Please send your company logo.

Print the Support Flyer

Student Action

Students submit “travel cost estimate” to Tech for approval prior to the event.

Students submit expenses for Tech reimbursement after the event.

Map of the US with several states colorized to show origin of participating students.
Students from many states in the Great Lakes, New England, South, West Coast, and Texas regions participated in 2023.