Zoom Webinar 101

Zoom is an audio-video cloud platform for conferencing, chatting, and interacting that feels like a real gathering. It’s relatively easy to use.

Use of this platform is very flexible. The duration is up to you.

Why Use Zoom or Other Webinar Platforms

  • Interactive space best suited for exchanging ideas.
  • Reach niche audiences and use in direct marketing campaigns.
  • Easily recorded and shared on other platforms.

What Makes This Platform

  • Interact with polls, chat, emojis, and breakout rooms.
  • Stream on Facebook Live simultaneously.
  • Mute-all feature, waiting room, and other participant controls make presenting and facilitating easier.
  • Rehearse screen shares.
  • The webinar host is the only one who can stream it to Facebook. Make sure they have the proper permissions and know how to share to your page in advance.

What Breaks This Platform

  • Bad internet connection.
  • Extra security makes logging in more tedious.
  • Not spur-of-the-moment; participants must download and prepare beforehand.
  • Facebook Live shares don’t include some interactive features like polls.
  • Once you hit share on Facebook, you’re sharing. Make sure it’s the last think you do before moving Zoom to be publicly viewable or your Facebook audience will get a glimpse of you getting ready.

Pro Tip

Lighting is important—and you can also add Michigan Tech Zoom backgrounds to up your presentation game.


  • Design Expo 2020
  • CTL and IDEA Hub discussions
  • VPR Zoom Q&As


Feel free to reach out to our University Marketing and Communications social media staff at social@mtu.edu with any questions.