Ensembles United on December 4, 2013

United NationsEnsembles United: Free Rozsa Lobby Superior Wind Symphony Chamber Performance

Members of the Superior Wind Symphony present “Ensembles United,” with ensembles from different wind families coming together in brother and sisterhood to create a more wonderful array of free music. In honor of the 68th anniversary of the United States’ decision on December 4, 1945 to join the United Nations, the Superior Wind Symphony will perform next Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 7:30 p.m., in the Rozsa Lobby. This performance is free.

Several self-started small ensembles of the saxophone, woodwind and brass varieties have materialized with music prepared, needing an excuse to perform! In addition, some of these ensembles have worked with Michigan Tech student composers from Libby Meyers’ class, creating a Dec. 4 concert that will feature music by great composers of many eras, plus recently created music by Michigan Tech students!

From Tech Today.