Helpful Apps for Students

Free Apps for Students to Download:

Here are some smartphone apps that will aid you in getting the most out of your college experience. 


  • Canvas:
    I myself did not realize there was a Canvas app until my 3rd year of college and let me tell you, this app is one of the only I have that sends me notifications. It is super helpful to see when announcements are made, be able to double-check assignments and due dates, and keep track of everything when you’re on the go and don’t have a computer open and on you.
  • Chipper:
    Not a fan of planners or want to save the trees one piece of paper at a time? Chipper is an electronic planner that you can sync up directly with your calendar to keep track of assignments, classes, work, and your personal life all in one place. While the initial start-up of the app takes a little bit of time to input all of your classes, work schedules, and such it is a life saver. Most of us have our phones connected to us 24/7 already, so why not make sure you’re staying up to date on everything going in your hectic schedule.
  • DuoMobile:
    This app helps a ton, as we have DuoSecurity integrated throughout all of our systems and applications for the university. With this app installed you will get the acceptance prompts right away to your phone, so you can then log in to whatever campus program needed, whether it be for the Michigan Tech app or for Canvas.
  • Google Applications:
    If you are a google person, these apps and others are great to have with you on the go. You can quick check-up on things like your email or a shared doc for a group assignment. While the apple calendar is good, we already have a Gmail for our school accounts, so why not just link everything together?
  • Michigan Tech App *only for Apple:
    With the new provisions enforced on campus this app is a game changer. Offering the MTU Flex Portal in their main drop-down menu, you no longer have to go click through a bunch of pages to find it. This app also includes your courses, any holds, your “Tech Express”, and all News sources based on campus. Having these things in one place, makes your day just a little bit easier.
  • Zoom:
    We all have become quite familiar with Zoom over the last few months of quarantine and school from home. One thing that has been helpful especially this semester, is downloading the zoom app for phones. When you are rushing between online classes at home and in-person class and only have a few minutes to spare, you can switch your online class over to your phone so you can still be present, but book-it to your class on campus.

Career/Job Search:

  • Career Fair Plus:
    This is what you need for fall and spring career fair. All of the companies coming in are located on this app, allowing you to book times with them (now with the new age of Zoom being our life), and get a feel for what they do and what they are looking for. When the career fair goes back to “in-person”, a map will be located on the app, to show where specifically you will find each company’s booth.
  • Handshake:
    This app is a lifesaver during Career Fair and can be used as a platform for finding jobs. Created by two MTU students, it can connect you to alumni, put you in contact with recruiters, and give you career options geared towards your degree and interests listed on your profile. So, not only is it great during Career Fair, but also at any other point in your life.
  • LinkedIn:
    This is a great resource for connecting with others in the job field. It will automatically refer you with others at the university and people who you might be interested in within your field. You can also access it online through a desktop version, but if you’re at career fair and want to connect with a recruiter or someone you meet right away, you can pull up the app and get it done then and there. 


  • DoorDash:
    The Houghton area now has DoorDash! Looking to order in one evening, so you don’t have to go out in the elements? You can now order from select restaurants around town, such as the Ambassador and Baby E’s BBQ.
  • JoyRun:
    Looking to grab some t-bell, but you don’t have a car? Request a runner who’s already out and about to go pick something up for you! JoyRun allows you to either request or pick up things for other users in the immediate area. If you’re stuck in quarantine and are running low on toothpaste and shampoo you can see if anyone on the app is heading to Walmart for their daily grocery haul and able to pick up a few things for you. Or if you’re out and about taking a cruise and want to make a few extra bucks, let others know you’re able to be a runner for them and be available to make some pit stops while you’re out and about.


  • #Mindful – Daily Motivation:
    While most meditation and mindfulness apps require you to pay for a subscription, I haven’t found this one to. It allows you to set up times during the day when you would like a motivational message and a reminder to check your breathing.
  • Health *only for Apple:
    I believe that this app is already installed on Apple products when you purchase them, but I personally didn’t realize the amount of resources it has. While you can track your steps or activity, there is also the ability to look at your sleep and mindfulness. Both are great resources at the touch of a button, that are free to use without any subscription or further download.