#LiveWorkDetroit! – 27-Feb-15

Are you looking for a job in a city filled with opportunity? With high-tech startups, cutting-edge medical researchers, creative entrepreneurs, unrivaled restaurants, world-renowned museums, and affordable places to live, DETROIT is that city.  Join usFebruary 27 at the Majestic Theater on Woodward Avenue for a Live.Work.Detroit half-day Detroit experience where you will network with award winning employers, meet students from around the state and get a first-hand look at the best places to live, work and play.

Register at:  http://www.weknowdetroit.com/lwd

MSU BioEconomy Institute: Summer Research Internships

Summer Research Internships - Application Deadline: February 27, 2015

Michigan State University BioEconomy Institute in Holland, MI

We are accepting applications for full time laboratory research interns for summer 2015. Come join our team of students performing original research in Chemistry fields such as organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, electrochemistry and spectroscopy.

To apply, please provide the following:

1. Resume

2. Cover Letter indicating the type of research of the greatest interest to you

3. Contact information for at least one reference

4. A list of all college level science courses you have successfully completed.

Please email questions and submissions to Laura Ives: iveslaur@msu.edu

MSUBI http://bioeconinst.msu.edu

NASA Academy Internship Program – Deadline 15-Feb-2014

The NASA Academy is the premier internship offered by NASA and has a main goal of training future leaders of the space industry. The summer research program attracts undergraduate and graduate students of various backgrounds, mostly in STEM fields. More detailed information about the internship can be found here.
Michigan Technological University students are great examples of leaders whose interests may very well align with the opportunities provided by NASA. Applications just opened on NASA OSSI and can be found by going to the Search Opportunities window and searching for the keyword Academy. The application deadline is February 15th, 2015

Indianapolis Teaching Fellows Deadline – 20-Jan-2015

The application deadline for Indianapolis Teaching Fellows is quickly coming up on Tuesday, January 20

The teaching fellows program recruits those who do not yet have a background/degree in education, but are interested in becoming teachers for underserved communities – for example a biology major who is still exploring career options.

This program is for anyone straight from undergrad, grad school, and career changers looking for their 2nd or even 3rd careers.  The strongest needs are for those able to teach English, math, and science, but there are also various other subjects available.

For details, you can watch this informational video:


or visit their website at:


Small Company Internship Award (SCIA) program

The Michigan Corporate Relations Network (MCRN), funded by the Michigan Strategic Fund and supported by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and the Office of Innovation and Industry Engagement at Michigan Technological University have a program targeted at helping small- to mid-sized Michigan companies grow.  Through the Small Company Internship Award (SCIA) program, qualified companies can access student talent to help move a project, product or service forward.

Michigan Tech is currently seeking applications from qualified Michigan businesses for a summer 2015 SCIA program cycle which provides up to $3,500 through a 1:1 match from companies who hire a student intern from Michigan Tech.  Prioritized preference will be given to STEM related companies and STEM internship positions.

How could SCIA help your company?
Past SCIA cycles have provided interns with a variety of skills meeting small business needs. Student interns have been hired by small companies to provide laboratory assistance; engineering, IT development, and design support; and technical customer service. Internships provide benefit to students through employment, real-world work experience, and exposure to entrepreneurial environments. Common feedback from past SCIA employers includes their ability to move a project forward that they might not otherwise have been able to do without the additional help and technical skills of a student intern.

To learn more about the SCIA requirements and the on-line application process, click here.   Company applications will be accepted through January 9, 2015.  Award notification will be made on or around January 16, 2015.

To learn about other MCRN programs, visit the MCRN website for more information.

How do you decide on a Career?

Everyone has an option on where you should work and what you should do.  In many cases, these opinions are offered as “advice” based upon this person’s life experiences and biases.

The single biggest decision that a high school student makes is their choice of a College, University, or Trade School.  Throughout their years in Higher Education, a student has a world of opportunities and choices to make.  A significant decision is a choice of industry to begin a career path.

The job search process (Internet research, applying for jobs, formal interviews, etc.) helps companies identify employees that might fit with their company, but it doesn’t help students decide what career is right for them.  In the absence of any formal program, students often make their decision based upon information from their informal network of friends and family acquaintances.  While this helps students feel comfortable with the decision, these criteria may not be the facts that the company wants to highlight.

As the Career Fair has grown, students are seeing an increase in not only the number of companies recruiting, but also the diversity of industries represented.  This adds to the challenge of making an informed choice.

At Michigan Tech, we have decided to make this process a bit more informal and exploratory while allowing students to get data directly from the companies.  Our solution?  Campus-wide “Industry Days”.

Companies are invited to participate in an informal “expo” style event filled with hands-on, interactive events.  Students and corporate representatives are much more relaxed in this setting.  The Industry focused events help students get a “30,000 foot” explanation of the career opportunities within industries, while providing students a glimpse of the future direction of the industry, allowing them to consider where their career path might take them in that industry.  Some students are surprised by different opportunities available in an industry or sector they would not have considered otherwise.

For the Fall of 2014, we had days focused around the Steel Industry, Petroleum Industry, and Railroad Industry.  Response from companies has been extremely positive.  The spring will also include more career explorations and more opportunities to interact and engage with companies.

In the past, students treated their first job as the end of their career search. Today, a career is a journey. Our graduating students from the millennial generation are looking for diverse career options, not wanting to get ‘stuck’ in one career that becomes routine, but treating each career assignment as an opportunity to build their skill set to take on their next challenge. Industry days provides students a chance to map out their career journey.

The GOOD habit of telling others “Thank you!”

“Tis the Season” of course refers to the holidays and all that goes with: gift giving, give receiving, a time to be jolly, happy, & merry, time to gather with family and friends, time to eat until you bust (and it won’t be broccoli for most of us!)

It’s also a time for being thankful or grateful. We know you’ll say “thank you” and write thank you notes for your  gifts, and we hope you’ll have time to reflect, internally, for all your blessings, and we also hope you’ll also consider saying, “thank you” to many others no matter what the season.

It’s also a time for new beginnings, as many of us will make resolutions for the New Year – some to stop bad habits and some to start good habits. We want to encourage you to make your spirit of gratefulness one of the good habits you add to 2015. And, actually, saying, “thank you” more often, is a great habit.

We know you like to be appreciated – everyone does! Will you make it a habit to be mindful about when good things happens to you or for you, most times, someone has helped make that happen.  Tell them how much you appreciate them – even if it’s their job.

An email thank you is great, but a handwritten thank you note is the bomb!  Here are 5 quick hints to writing a great thank you note:

  1. Write out the recipient’s name –  start with the traditional, “Dear Jane or Joe or Aunt Bertha or Uncle Sam or…you get the picture.
  2. Don’t worry about your sentence structure or spelling or grammar – just write it from your heart. Sometimes sweating the form keeps us from even starting. “Just Do It”
  3. Simply start with exactly what you’re grateful for – “I’m writing to thank you for…
  4. Then tell them how their gift or action or thoughtfulness made you feel – how you’ll use it, how has it made a positive impact on your everyday life, or even just how it made you feel.
  5. Be sure to use a personal sign-off: “Love” for close family and friends, but consider, “All my best” or “Best regards” or “Fondly Yours” or even just “Yours,” for others.

A thoughtful thank you note is a wonderful way expression of personal and professional etiquette and kindness and will become part of your brand. It’ll make someone feel great, you feel great, and it’s just the right thing to do.

Happy Holidays Everyone!