New MATLAB site license

IT just purchased a new MATLAB Total Academic Headcount license; this licenses MATLAB for the whole campus, for uses that include instruction and research (with the exclusion of commercial research). This license also allows the installation of MATLAB on computers without a network connection, a feature that is particularly useful for laptops used in field research. The license comes with unlimited uses of the most commonly used toolboxes on campus, the notable exception being the Distributed Computing Engine, which has a pricing structure of its own.

As before, researches can buy additional toolboxes to add on to our license.

Please read on to see the list of toolboxes and features available under this license.

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Computer labs to be upgraded to Windows 7

As part of the usual summer upgrades in the computer labs, this year we are upgrading the operating system (O.S.) installed in our labs to Windows 7, Service Pack 1. The new O.S. replaces the installations  of Windows XP, Service Pack 3 that could be found in most labs on campus.

The direct benefit to our students is that they will be able to use the same user interface that is already available in all new PC’s equipped with a Windows O.S. Additonally, the new O.S. can take advantage of computers that are 64-bit capable to performs certain kinds of processing faster; it can also handle memory sizes above the 3Gb limit existing in Windows XP. Continue reading

Advanced Research Support

As part of a new IT reorganization, a new group specializing on Advanced Research Support is being created.

This group’s mission is to understand, document and troubleshoot complex research instrumentation setups that involve interfacing with computer hardware and software. Because of similarities in the technology employed, this group can also help with the setup of teaching labs that have similar interfacing requirements. Lastly, this group will also be able to assist with research software development efforts, short of doing actual development itself. This support ranges from education into software engineering basics to assistance parallelizing code and tuning software performance.

IT Reorganization Underway

A reorganization of the University’s  Information Technology support operations is underway for the entire academic enterprise. This initiative has been approved by the University’s Executive Team with the support of the academic Deans.

The primary goal of the reorganization is to build a superior, user-centric IT support structure which is focused on delivering flexible and responsive service to the educational, instructional and research activities on campus.

A single User Services group is being created to take on frontline user support and advanced research support to serve the entire academic enterprise.  This group will report to the Provost and be responsive to the Deans and Chairs.

The Information Technology Services & Security (ITSS) department will take care of the systems needs of the campus users through its Operations, Services, Infrastructure, and Security & Compliance teams. User Services, ITSS, Telcommunications (Telcom), and Enterprise Applications Services (EAS) will be working closely together to fulfill the Information Technology needs of the entire campus.

A new organizational structure is being finalized, and a departmental user needs assessment is being conducted which will result in the drafting of a Service Level Agreement with the Departments.

We will continue to use this site as one means of providing you with information as this reorganization takes shape.