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Odegard Earns Exceptional Graduate Faculty Mentor Award

Dr. Greg Odegard was recently presented wit the 2015 Exceptional Graduate Faculty Mentor Award from the Graduate School at the 2015 Graduate Research Awards Banquet. This Merit Award for Exceptional Graduate Student Mentor recognizes advocacy for graduate students, being available and encouraging to students, and creativity/interdisciplinary collaboration in new opportunities for graduate student.

 Exceptional Graduate Faculty Mentor Award: Dr. Greg Odegard of ME-EM presented by Jay Meldrum

Exceptional Graduate Faculty Mentor Award: Dr. Greg Odegard of ME-EM presented by Jay Meldrum

Graduate student Muraleekrishnan Menon was one of three students presented with the GSG Service Award.

Recipients of GSG Service Award: Zachary Champion, School of Technology; Muraleekrishnan Menon, ME-EM; and Sasha Teymorian standing in for Samuel Roache, Chemical Engineering
Recipients of GSG Service Award: Zachary Champion, School of Technology; Muraleekrishnan Menon, ME-EM; and Sasha Teymorian standing in for Samuel Roache, Chemical Engineering

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ME-EM News Briefs

Ezra Bar-Ziv (MEEM/APSRC) has received $80,000 from Battelle Energy Alliance for a year-long research and development project titled “Rapid Screening with Paddle Fast Pyrolysis Systems.”

Gordon Parker, the John and Cathi Drake Chair Professor in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, has been elected a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Parker is being honored as a recognized international leader in control system design research in a variety of mobility-related applications, from diesel engine exhaust aftertreatment to satellite formation flying. He will be honored during the SAE 2014 World Congress and Exhibition in Detroit on April 20, 2015.

Assistant Professor Ossama Abdelkhalik (MEEM), Associate Professor Nilufer Onder (CS) and Hui Meen Nyew who graduated with a CS PhD in summer 2014 published a paper titled, “Structured-Chromosome Evolutionary Algorithms for Variable-Size Autonomous Interplanetary Trajectory Planning Optimization,” in the AIAA Journal of Aerospace Information Systems (pre-print doi: The paper describes a new technique to represent and search for optimal solutions that are organized in sections.

Dr. James De Clerck who has been selected as a 2014 SAE Outstanding Faculty Advisors Program for Student Branch and Collegiate Design Series Team Advisors. In the announcement they said “This award recognizes your dedication and contributions to SAE and your Collegiate Chapter. Jim is the faculty advisor for the SAE FormulaCar Enterprise Team.

Gregory Odegard (MEEM/MuSTI) has received $10,000 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for a three-year project titled “Center for Novel High Voltage/Temperature Materials and Structures.”

Tolou Shokuhfar (MEEM/MuSTI) has received $32,121 from the University of Illinois–Chicago for the research and development project “In Situ Liquid Microscopy of Fiber-Fluid Interactions.”

The DELSYS website, which features news about wearable senses for movement sciences, reported on Assistant Professor Mo Rastgaar’s (MEEM) work on a powered ankle-foot prosthesis that simulates natural foot and ankle movement for amputees. See the website.

PhD student Mehdi Mortazavi (ME) published an article, “Two-phase flow pressure drop in flow channels of proton exchange membrane fuel cells: review of experimental approaches,” in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews.

Professor Gregory Odegard (MEEM/MuSTI) has received $40,000 from the Colorado Seminary (owns and operates the University of Denver) for a one-year research project titled “Center for Novel High Voltage/Temperature Materials and Structures.”
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Gordon Parker Featured in Dean’s Teaching Showcase

image57865-persby Mike Meyer, director, William G. Jackson CTL

The Dean’s Teaching Showcase nominee for this week comes from the College of Engineering. Dean Wayne Pennington has chosen to recognize Gordon Parker, the John and Cathi Drake Professor in the Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Department. Both Pennington and MEEM chair Bill Predebon praised Parker as “a great success story of the flipped classroom approach.” Gordon has effectively implemented the flipped classroom model in both a senior level and graduate level controls course, and now has more than 30 video clips that are being used world-wide.

Parker attributes his success to his ability to “borrow techniques from my colleagues, add some of my own ideas, mix them into my teaching style and serve them up to willing students.” He acknowledges that some of his innovations didn’t work, but believes teaching innovation is “encouraged by the Tech culture.” He especially appreciates regular faculty presentations on teaching methods sponsored by the MEEM department, as well as “random conversations in the elevator” which help him improve his teaching.

He has found the flipped classroom to be most effective because it lets him “use class time to exercise what students have prepared in advance.” This allows high expectations and accountability, but seems to work well for most students. Parker enjoys the real-time feedback of the more interactive classroom, and finds the higher level of spontaneity exciting, since “every class is different.”

Parker is also credits his department for working on a new undergraduate curriculum, which is “requiring a high level of communication and coordination between numerous instructors” and is “nothing like my previous experiences of developing courses in my closed-door office.” He appreciates the challenges and imperfections in both teaching and joint curricular changes, but believes the changes are “well worth it.”

Gordon will be formally recognized with the 11 other Dean’s Teaching Showcase nominees at a luncheon near the end of spring term. Please join Dean Pennington, Chair Predebon and the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning in thanking Gordon for his outstanding contributions to the teaching mission of the College of Engineering.

Senior Recognition Banquet

IMG_4021The mechanical engineering-engineering mechanics department held its semi-annual Senior Capstone Design Day Program. Eight teams presented the fruits of their efforts over the past two semesters during presentations to industry reps, faculty, staff, and students. The teams also displayed posters and, in some cases, their prototypes in the rear first-floor hallway of the MEEM building.

Keynote Speaker: Gerald E. McGlynn III, 1984 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Tech, Intellectual Property Attorney, Howard and Howard; J.D., cum laude, from Detroit College of Law in 1988   Continue reading

Seeing is Believing

image90723-persIf seeing is believing, C.K. Choi (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics) has a passion for clarity—in a very tiny world. The assistant professor of mechanical engineering’s research lies at the micro-scale, in channels no thicker than a strand of hair.
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Bill Predebon Elected to ASME Office

image57877-persBill Predebon, chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, has been elected vice president for education of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The election took place on Nov. 14 at the ASME World Congress in Montreal.

Predebon joined the Michigan Tech faculty in 1976, after serving as a mechanical engineer at the US Army Ballistic Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. He has won Tech’s Distinguished Teaching Award, the W. R. Shapton Outstanding Service Award and the first annual Martin Luther King Award.

He designed and implemented a major curriculum revision for mechanical engineering-engineering mechanics, including the signature Senior Design program.

Seven students represent Michigan Tech at Women’s Construction Leadership Seminar

IMG_3704640Seven Michigan Tech students attended the Kiewitt Women’s Construction Leadership Seminar held in Omaha, Nebraska at the Kiewitt Corporate Headquarters November 6-8, 2014. Candidates were chosen from a pool of sophomores and juniors who have demonstrated leadership skills, a drive for success, and a passion for the construction and/or engineering professions. Kiewitt selected 50 collegiate female leaders to participate in the event designed to challenge and develop their leadership skills. Attending were civil engineering majors Emily Blaney, Lauren Krueger, Natalie Parker, Autumn Storteboom, and Rachelle Wiegand, along with mechanical engineering majors Erika Harris and Erin Richie.

Seven Tech Women Chosen for National Construction Leadership Seminar
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