Day: September 22, 2023

In Print: Jill Olin Co-Authors Article Suggesting Subsequent Studies Spotlighting Sharks

Jill Olin
Jill Olin

Jill Olin was co-author of a paper that recently appeared in the Journal of Fish Biology. The co-authors argue that research about sharks and their populations needs to be expanded in the face of recent spikes in shark-human interactions in the coastal areas of New York. In addition, ECO Magazine recently mentioned the paper in a story about shark attacks along the New York coast.

Dr. Olin is a community ecologist who studies the processes that affect the structure and stability of ecosystems. She studies issues in coastal marine and freshwater ecosystems due to the diversity and economic importance of species inhabiting these environments and the fact that they are threatened by anthropogenic influences. She teaches courses in Ecology and Evolution, Marine Ecology, and Ecogeochemical Tracer Techniques.

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