Day: June 18, 2024

Undergrad Research – Abe Stone Functional Forest Fungus

Abe Stone is an undergraduate majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology. He came to Michigan Tech’s Biological Sciences Department, already with a great interest in learning more about and working with fungus. Once he enrolled at MTU, he decided to get involved in undergraduate research and start down his fungus research path.

Abe Stone in forest working with invasive buckthorn and propagated fungus.
Abe Stone in the field.

Through his research, Stone found a way to effectively and practically propagate silver leaf disease—a fungal forest pathogen—and use it as an herbicide to attack the invasive tree species, buckthorn, while sparing native species. Stone has been working with Biological Sciences’ Dr. Erika Hersch-Green to learn more about how plants and fungi interact with each other, as well as advisors in the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science (CFRES).

To learn more about Abe Stone, how he began this journey, and his work, visit Abe’s “Fungus Among Us…” story—featured on MTU’s Unscripted Research Blog.

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