Department of Defense Opportunities

The Department of Defense has named the new STAR (Student Training and Academic Recruitment) student for the 2011-2012 academic year.  She is Rhea-Ann Moses.  She requested that I pass the following information on to you.

Good Afternoon,

My name is Rhea Moses and I just started as the new STAR student at Michigan Tech. I am a student recruiter for the civilian sector of the Department of Defense (DoD) on our campus. Throughout the year I will be receiving information about internships, co-ops, scholarships and jobs (career opportunities) within the DoD.

This program is extremely important to our campus; facilitating information from DoD recruiters to students could potentially help them get internships or co-ops that can lead to a great job after graduation.  I have a lot of information at my disposal to help students see the benefits of working with the DoD and would love to show them all the opportunities available.

The DoD is not just looking for engineers either! They hire from all different majors and departments. So if a student does not think that they would be suitable for a DoD job just based on their major, that is not true. It never hurts to look into the existing opportunities.

I have an office within Career Services at the new location 220 Administrative Building. If you have students that want to contact me, my email is and my phone number is (703) 501-9673.

Rhea-Ann L Moses
Michigan Technological University STAR Representative
Recruitment Assistance Division
Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service
Phone: (703) 501 – 9673