Temporary Job….Paid


Paid position (temporary) using your proofreading/formatting skills.

This is not for everyone….needs excellent attention to detail and patience…
but looks like a good way to pick up a few $$s…..

Need to move quickly…..project must be completed by September 30th…

This is a single project requiring excellent proofreading skills, precise attention to detail, and document formatting skills using Microsoft Word (version 2007 or later). There are 19 documents (approx. 2 pages each – some more) that need to be reviewed for accuracy in comparison to a printed document. They also need to be formatted to look identical to the printed document using the correct formatting attributes (example: using the tab key instead of 5 spaces). The text will then be copied and pasted into a pre-existing template where further formatting may be needed.

This project could be completed at an off-site location; however, the candidate will need to stop by the office to pick up the hard copy document and to return the hard copy upon completion of the project. If the candidate intends to work off-site, frequent updates on progress are expected via email or phone and the candidate must have Microsoft Word version 2007 or later. All candidates will need to complete a proofreading/formatting skills test for consideration of hire.

This project must be completed by September 30th. Compensation is $10/hour. Please call Carole Noonan at 906-487-1148 or email csnoonan@mtu.edu for more information.



Carole Noonan

Process Improvement Coordinator

Institutional Systems Development & Analysis

Michigan Technological University


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