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Brown Bag Lunch Seminar

The School of Business and Economics will have its second brown bag lunch research seminar from noon – 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 13, in Academic Office Building 101.  Associate Professor of Management, Manish Srivistava will present his latest research breakthrough.

Title: Firm Risk and Market Valuation: A Reexamination Using Quantile Regression


Despite a very long history the relationship between firm risk and market value of firms is poorly understood.  Some of the prior research have shown a positive relationship, others have found a negative relationship, while still others have found no relationship. Considering the inconsistency of these findings, in this research, we reexamine this relationship using quantile regression and make an attempt to reconcile some of the contradictory findings.


Faculty presentation: Dr. Mari Buche


Please join the School of Business and Economics and Associate Professor of Management Information Systems Mari Buche for a brown bag lunch presentation on January 23rd at Noon in Academic Office Building 101. Her presentation is titled: “Lessons Learned: Chronicles of a Sabbatical Experience.”

Upcoming Research Presentations

  • Manish Srivastava – February 6, 12-1 pm,  Endnote Workshop
  • Howard Qi – February 18, 12-1 pm, Hanoi Workshop, and the Risk Management of Natural Disasters
  • Roger Woods – February 25, 12 – 1 pm, Minimizing academic integrity violations in Excel assignments
  • Junhong Min – March 6, 12 – 1 pm, The new product development using the decomposition analysis: stimulus presentation mode bias
  • Andre Laplume – March 20, 12 – 1 pm, Outstreaming for ambidexterity: How serving internal and external customers can facilitate exploration