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Derek Thompson Lecture

On October 5, Derek Thompson, a senior editor at The Atlantic, will be visiting our campus and giving a lecture at the Rozsa Center. His lecture, sponsored by WGGL, Minnesota Public Radio, will discuss educational, economic, and political topics: What Will Election 2016 Mean to YOUR Future.

Wednesday, October 5th
7:30 PM – Lecture
8:00 PM – Panel Discussion / Q&A
9:00 PM – Reception: All interested members of the MTU community are invited

The School of Business and Economics strongly encourages our students and faculty to attend the event, not only because of the relevance of the topic, but the SBE’s faculty (Dr. Emanuel Xavier-Oliveira) and students (Jerrid Burdue and Patrick Hufnagel) will also serve as the panelists to lead the discussion.

About Derek Thompson:

Derek Thompson is a senior editor for The Atlantic magazine and the author of its 2015 cover story “A World Without Work” about the future of technology and employment. He also writes the business column for the magazine and contributes to the website on issues ranging from behavioral psychology to the economics of entertainment. Thompson is a weekly contributor to “Here and Now,” the national afternoon news show on NPR, and he appears regularly on CBS and MSNBC. He has served as an adjunct professor at the Columbia Journalism School. He has appeared on numerous lists, including Folio’s 15 Under 30 in Media. Thompson is currently working on his first book about the science of hits in pop culture.


Web Conference with Ron Gettelfinger, President of UAW

Ron Gettelfinger
Ron Gettelfinger

The School of Business and Economics welcomes Ron Gettelfinger, UAW President, via web conference for a discussion on Monday, November 9th, at 11am in EERC B45.

The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) is one of the largest and most diverse unions in North America, with members in virtually every sector of the economy.

UAW-represented workplaces range from multinational corporations, small manufacturers and state and local governments to colleges and universities, hospitals and private non-profit organizations.

Please join us as we discuss health care issues, policy, and the fate of the big three with one of the nations biggest advocates for national single-payer health care.

For more information, review the New York Times public profile on Ron Gettlefinger.

The following bio is taken from UAW.org website.

About Ron Gettelfinger
Ron Gettelfinger was elected to a second term as president of the UAW on June 14, 2006, at the UAW’s 34th Constitutional Convention in Las Vegas. He was first elected to the union’s top leadership post at the 33rd Constitutional Convention in 2002.

Gettelfinger is an outspoken advocate for national single-payer health care that would make health care accessible and affordable for every man, woman and child in the United States. In January 2006, he called for a “Marshall Plan” to renew America’s industrial base through incentives to manufacture energy-saving advanced technology vehicles and their key components in the United States. Under Gettelfinger’s leadership, the UAW has continued its fight for fair trade agreements that include provisions for workers’ rights and environmental provisions; and the union has loudly criticized the corporate global chase for the lowest wage which creates a race to the bottom that no workers, in any country, can win.

For six years he served as the elected director of UAW Region 3, which represents UAW members in Indiana and Kentucky, before being elected a UAW vice president in 1998. A member of UAW Local 862 since 1964, Gettelfinger is proud to be called a chassis line repairman. The workers at Ford’s Louisville Assembly plant elected Gettelfinger to represent them as committeeperson, bargaining chair and president.

Ron is a graduate of Indiana University. He and his wife, Judy, are the proud parents of two adult children, and they also have four grandchildren.