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iOMe Challenge Update: Michigan Tech Receives Honorable Mention


Four teams of Michigan Tech students competed in the 2011 iOMe Challenge, that builds awareness for ways that local organizations might engage the Y or Millennial generation to think about their own future, 40 years from now.  Three of the four MTU teams made it to the final round of judging and one team has received an honorable mention in the 2011 competition. Students were judged on a video submission (above) and an essay.  The team receiving the honorable mention was awarded $2,000 and was composed of:

  • Katie O’Connell, Economics major
  • Tianlu Shen, Environmental Engineering major
  • Adam Stigers, Economics major
  • Teddy Broe, Economics major
  • Walker Derby, Finance major

Lecturer in Economics, Emanuel Oliveira, was the academic advisor of the four teams competing in this year’s iOMe Challenge.  Commenting on the contest’s two components, Oliveira said, “The students put together an excellent essay that contained innovative policy recommendations, considerable statistical analysis, and it was very well written.”

Team leader of the winning team and economics major, Katie O’Connell, noted that it was amazing to find out that their group had received honorable mention in the iOMe Challenge.  Recalling her feelings prior to the competition and why she chose to compete she said, “I remember hoping to do well!  Receiving an honorable mention was great. I decided to compete in this challenge to get a closer look at how to encourage people to save money.  It truly is a challenge in an economy where interest rates are so low and there is no obvious and immediate reward. But it’s also critically important to the future of our economy, and even our society, to reverse the downward savings trend. I hope that our participation in this process will at least help to open discussion as well as spark ideas and interest in creating an America that saves more.”

Congrats to all of this years competitors and Dr. Emanuel Oliveira!

iOMe results from 2010-2011

Teams Complete and Submit iOMe Challenge Videos

Four teams of Michigan Tech students submitted videos for the iOMe Challenge.

Lecturer in Economics, Emanuel Oliveira, is leading four teams of students in this year’s iOMe Challenge.  Students formed their own teams and were encouraged to include individuals from a broad skill set to include members who have policy expertise and also other with video production skills.  The students are competing for the top prize of $10,000 by completing the contest’s two components of an essay and a video that illustrates the key elements of the essay.  The 2011 challenge question is: Why do people today feel it is much harder to engage in financial saving than earlier generations when, on average, the earlier generations were much poorer than today?  What would you propose as a solution to change and increase saving rates?

After hearing about the challenge in Oliveria’s class last year, junior Eli Karttunen differed the opportunity one year and upon hearing the announcement for the challenge in class this year Karttunen couldn’t resist getting involved.  He chose to compete this year because he saw the challenge as an opportunity to learn more about policy making and offer solutions.  Karttunen noted, “To see other students taking on significant real world problems that will face our generation and coming up with real solutions is inspiring that one day the issues we face today will be corrected through innovative thinking and proactive policy formation.”

Oliveira knows the significance of this project will be beneficial to the students who participate by exposing them to the policy making process.  Oliveira notes, “Fixing the savings rate crisis in America will take a highly concerted effort and will likely require people to make behavioral adjustments that may cause minor discomfort in order to promote a long run sustainable savings scheme.” This challenge is important and necessary because the more people know about a problem, the more likely it is to get corrected.

Here the videos that have been submitted by Michigan Tech students and the names of the names of the participating students:

Team 1: Cole Nichols, Eli Karttunen, Bryan Endres, Adam Zwiscza


Team 2: Rachel Ristau, Jesse Patrick, Thomas Harri, Josh Floyd


Team 3: Teddy Broe, Katie O’Connel, Walker Dery, Adam Stigers, Tianlu Shen


Team 4: Coleman Segal, Genny Gierke