Day: May 1, 2017

Chemical Engineering Convocation 2017

2017 Communication Award
2017 Kimberly-Clark Communication Award

Kimberly-Clark Communication Award

Mark Mleziva presented the award to Julia Zayan.

This award recognizes the winner of the Award for Excellence in Communication from the Department of Chemical Engineering for the academic year.

2017 Bredkamp Award
2017 Dow Chemical Mariott W. Bredekamp Award

Dow Chemical Mariott W. Bredekamp Award

Dr. Julie King presented the award to Johnathan Coroneos, Dylan Johnsonj, Jeanette Kussow, and Magdaline Urben.

This award recognizes outstanding technical skills in the laboratory, outstanding teamwork and professionalism, effective oral and written communication, and strong adherence to process safety practices as recognized by your peers and supported by the faculty of the department. This award is in memory of Dr. Mariott W. Bredekamp.

2017 Hubbard Award
2017 UOP Davis W. Hubbard Award

UOP Davis W. Hubbard Plant Design Team Award

Mr. Chris Cosling presented the award to Caleb Korson, Whitney Niedzielski, Ryan Smith, and Guy Smith.

This award recognizes an outstanding team in Chemical Engineering Plant Design during the academic year. Also, this award recognizes technical ability, consideration of the safety and environmental aspects of process design, outstanding written and oral communication skills, and overall teamwork and professionalism. This is awarded in memory of Dr. David W. Hubbard.

2017 PAWS Award
2017 PAWS Award

Prevent Accidents with Safety (PAWS) Award

Dr. Julie King presented awards to Mary Kate Mitchell, Whitney Niedzielski, Austin Nyenhuis, Gregory Thelen, and Jason Saliga.