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Komar Kawatra Receives Funding for an “Advanced Sustainable Iron & Steel Making Center”

Komar Kawatra has received funding from the National Science Foundation and the iron and steel industry for a “Collaborative Research Center for Fundamental Studies of Advanced Sustainable Iron and Steel.” It is expected that the center funding will be on the order of $250 to $500 K per year.

The National Science Foundation has established the NSF Center for Fundamental Studies of Advanced Sustainable Iron and Steel. The industry-university cooperative research center will operate as a partnership between Michigan Tech and the University of Utah, with Michigan Tech serving as the lead institution. Its goal is to improve sustainability in the iron and steel industry by making maximum use of renewable resources and developing innovative methods to prevent pollution and reduce emissions while increasing energy efficiency. Thirteen companies have already committed to participating

NSF Center for Fundamental Studies of Advanced Sustainable Iron and Steel

Jason Keith Receives $166,208 from the Department of Energy

Jason Keith has received $166,208, the first increment of a potential $375,000 three-year project, from the Department of Energy for “Hydrogen Education Curriculum Path at Michigan Technological University.”

Jason Keith, an associate professor of chemical engineering, researches fuel cells and explains them in simple language. To power a car, a Dagwood sandwich of fuel cells is required, he says. See Featured in ‘Fuel Cells in Your Future’ article Michigan Tech Research 2008 Pages 9-10

DOE Gives Fuel-Cell Materials Research Center $1.2 Million

Michigan Tech’s Center for Fundamental and Applied Research in Nanostructured and Lightweight Materials has just been awarded $1.23 million in continuing funding from the Department of Energy, bringing its total DOE support since 2004 to nearly $3 million.

The center had its genesis almost nine years ago, when Professor Michael Mullins (Chemical Engineering) was tapped to serve on a National Academy of Sciences review panel charged with evaluating America’s transportation energy needs for the 21st century. Super-clean hydrogen fuel cells seemed like a perfect alternative to greenhouse-gas producing internal combustion engines, but the panel identified some major shortfalls.

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New Research Center for Process Analysis and Diagnostics

The Chemical Engineering Department has long taken pride in training our undergraduate students to analyze chemical plants and processes in innovative ways. Our courses emphasize energy management, control strategies, and engineering design practices that lead to more efficient, safer, and more profitable processes. The term “process diagnostics” has been coined at MTU to encompass the critical thinking skills that lead to process improvements.

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Research Project Receives Funding from General Motors

David R. Shonnard (Chemical Engineering), Susan T. Bagley (Biological Sciences), Heather Youngs (Biological Sciences) and Patricia Heiden (Chemistry) received $275,027 over two years from General Motors for “A Systems Approach to Improving Processing Efficiency of Forest Biomass for Co-Production of Biofuels and Biopolymers,” a multidisciplinary research project on producing biofuels/bioproducts from woody biomass.

Security Foam Research

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Michigan Tech’s Center for Environmentally Benign Functional Materials and its Sustainable Futures Institute have been awarded $1.7 million to develop structural foams that could be used in security applications. The research is being conducted by principal investigator Ghatu Subhash of the MEEM department and Co-principal investigators Gerard Caneba and David Shonnard, both of the Department of Chemical Engineering.