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CTL Tip of the Week

Things you may want to do in Canvas this week

With fall semester starting there are a few things many instructors and instructional staff often want or need to do in Canvas. We’ve included links to help you with a handful of them below.

You will probably need to Customize your Courses drop-down menu to remove any courses from previous semesters, and possibly add some course to that menu too. You will need to Publish your Canvas course in order for your students to be able to see and access it. See How do I publish my course? for directions. Instructors at Michigan Tech can use the Combine Canvas Sections tool on the Course Tools page to combine two or more BANNER sections into one Canvas course. Go to Combining Canvas Sections for directions. If you would like to copy the content in one of your previous Canvas courses into a new Fall 2013 Canvas course, you can do that too. See Copying Content from Another Canvas Course to find out how.

You may just want some help or information. You can Contact Support or stop in to eLearning Walk-in Hours for Canvas Help.  And as always, for general information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, be sure to visit Canvas One Stop first. The CTL Tip of the Week is brought to you by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Michigan Tech.

Submitting Grades via Canvas and CourseTools

Instructors still have two options for electronic grade submission.  You can submit grades via Banner Self-Service by going directly into Banner, entering your grades, and then clicking submit.  OR, for those with larger class sizes where grades have already been totaled in Canvas or another spreadsheet program, you can submit grades via Canvas by going to CourseTools and using the Grade Wizard to first extract them from Canvas and then submit them to Banner.

If you choose to submit grades via Canvas, you will need to have your grades for submission entered into an assignment column in your Canvas grade book because the Grade Wizard cannot access grades in the Total column.  We recommend that you use the Final column, which has a default grade scheme that accepts all valid Banner letter grades. This scheme will work well if you plan to type or upload letter grades from a spreadsheet. If you want to upload numerical scores from a spreadsheet into Canvas, you may want to adjust the percentage ranges for the Final column’s grading scheme. Refer to Enable, Create, and Edit Letter Grading Schemes in Canvas and upload scores from a spreadsheet into Canvas to learn more.

Then go to the CourseTools page, and click on Submit Grades Electronically via Canvas to use the Grade Wizard, which extracts your grades from Canvas and submits them to Banner. You can review the Guide to Submitting Grades via Canvas to see illustrated, step-by-step directions and links to video demonstrations and additional information.  You may also want to look over the Guide to Submitting Grades via Banner to help you decide which method is best for you.  You can always access general information and help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, register for eLearning Workshops, and find out about our eLearning Walk-In hours on the Canvas One Stop page.

By your eLearning Team!