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Early Term Course Surveys in Canvas

Both the Provost and the University Senate (policy 505.1) advocate distributing an early term survey during the fourth or fifth week of the term to direct and improve instruction. This anonymous survey has traditionally been done on paper during class time, but it can also be done using Canvas.  Using Canvas saves class time, provides more legible feedback, and allows faculty to quickly see survey results and statistics.

The senate policy suggests two free response questions: “What is good about this course?” and “How could it be better?”  The template for Spring 2014 Canvas Courses contains a sample Early Term Survey for faculty to use as is, or modify and use.  All you would have to do is publish the survey if you would like to use it as is.

You can watch an eLearning screencast and look over the Canvas Instructor Guide’s Quizzes Chapter on our Early Term Surveys Canvas page, and faculty can stop by eLearning walk-in hours for help building surveys and quizzes in Canvas. The CTL Tip of the Week is brought to you by the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). For more general information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, be sure to visit Canvas One Stop

CTL Tip of the Week

Canvas, Communications, and Notifications

Last week we discussed using a Class Email Lists as a way to communicate with all the students in your class.  Canvas also has a couple of great tools for communicating with your class: Announcements and Conversations.

Announcements allow you to communicate with your students about course activities and more.  As soon as you have created an Announcement, Canvas takes care of notifying students according to their Notification Preferences. Students will see your Announcements when they log into Canvas, when they enter your Canvas course, and outside of Canvas through Canvas Notifications.

Conversations is an email program directly within Canvas. You can start by typing in the name of your course in the To: field or selecting it from the drop-down menu.  Canvas will allow you to select the entire class, just students, just teachers, student groups, etc.  Students can see Canvas Conversations messages in their Conversations Inbox, and also outside of Canvas according to their Notification Preferences.

As you can see, Notifications Preferences play a pivotal role in where, when, and if you and your students see Canvas Announcements and Conversations outside of Canvas, whether through Facebook, Twitter, SMS (text message), or email.  You can access more Instructure Guides and watch an eLearning screencast about Canvas Notifications and how they work with the Canvas’ Announcements and Conversations tools on this page.

The CTL Tip of the Week is brought to you by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). For more general information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, be sure to visit Canvas One Stop.

Submitting Grades via Banner Self Service

Instructors don’t have to use Canvas to submit grades. Mid-Term and Final grades can be submitted electronically either via Canvas, OR via Banner Self Service.  Banner Self Service is the simpler of the two systems; instructors can enter grades directly, click submit, and be finished!   You can access a short text only guide, a more detailed illustrated guide, and a Power Point presentation, as well as watch the eLearning screencast for a video demonstration, at Submitting Grades via Banner Self-Service.

Grade submission through Canvas will be covered in next week’s CTL Tip of the Week.   Since the process requires more steps, it’s most beneficial for larger classes where grades have already been totaled in Canvas or another spreadsheet program.  Grades will need to be entered or uploaded into the “Final” column in Canvas first, and then extracted from Canvas and submitted to Banner using “Coursetools.”

Those who want even more details about the grade submission process can sign up for grade submission workshops to be held during Week 14 and early in Finals Week.  You can always access general information and help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, register for eLearning Workshops, and find out about our eLearning Walk-In hours on the Canvas One Stop page.

By your eLearning Team!