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CTL Tip of the Week

Canvas, Communications, and Notifications

Last week we discussed using a Class Email Lists as a way to communicate with all the students in your class.  Canvas also has a couple of great tools for communicating with your class: Announcements and Conversations.

Announcements allow you to communicate with your students about course activities and more.  As soon as you have created an Announcement, Canvas takes care of notifying students according to their Notification Preferences. Students will see your Announcements when they log into Canvas, when they enter your Canvas course, and outside of Canvas through Canvas Notifications.

Conversations is an email program directly within Canvas. You can start by typing in the name of your course in the To: field or selecting it from the drop-down menu.  Canvas will allow you to select the entire class, just students, just teachers, student groups, etc.  Students can see Canvas Conversations messages in their Conversations Inbox, and also outside of Canvas according to their Notification Preferences.

As you can see, Notifications Preferences play a pivotal role in where, when, and if you and your students see Canvas Announcements and Conversations outside of Canvas, whether through Facebook, Twitter, SMS (text message), or email.  You can access more Instructure Guides and watch an eLearning screencast about Canvas Notifications and how they work with the Canvas’ Announcements and Conversations tools on this page.

The CTL Tip of the Week is brought to you by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). For more general information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, be sure to visit Canvas One Stop.

See Your Canvas Course from a Student View

Have you wondered how your Canvas course looks from your students’ perspective? The Canvas Student View feature creates one “Test Student” user that allows the instructor to view course content as a student would. Each course has a unique Test Student that every instructor in the course has access to. As the Test Student, you can submit Assignments & Quizzes, review Grades & Assignment feedback (including Crocodoc via the preview icon), post to Discussions, as well as view the Syllabus tab.

To view your course from a student perspective, click on Settings in the left navigation, then on the Student View button that appears at the upper right of the screen. You will know if you are in Student View because of the persistent bar on the bottom of the screen indicating you are logged into Student View. Click the Leave Student View button to exit the student view. Please note that Conversations, Collaborations, Groups and Profile do not work for the Test Student.

You can review the Instructure Guides “What is Student View?” and also “Where can I find the student view of the Gradebook?” for more information. For more general help and support using Canvas, visit Canvas One Stop The CTL Tip of the Week is brought to you by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). You can see what’s going on there this week at our website.