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Lunch and Learn: Celebrating Women’s Health

Join us on Wednesday, November 3 at Noon in the MUB Ballroom (B3) as physical therapist Dr. Anne Cooke and licensed massage therapist, Kristi Kirkpatrick, celebrate women’s health.

Cook and Kirkpatrick will explore many aspects of women’s health including: mental health, self-care, physical health and nutrition. Learn how these all merge to make us our optimal selves at work and home.

This Lunch and Learn will count toward Option 2 on your Husky Health Checklist form for 2021!

Performance Management 2021-2022

Human Resources reminds employees that the 2021-2022 cycle of Performance Management began April 15, 2021. Please establish goals for the new cycle utilizing GoogleDoc or other documentation of your choosing until the new form is provided. Please watch for the new process and forms on our website ( For any questions contact Human Resources at 906-487-2280 or

Banner and Report Access

HRIS would like to remind employees that all requests for Banner and Report Access must be done by completing this HR Access form.  To ensure that all requested access is granted, we ask that departmental organization numbers be used instead of names, when requesting Departmental Reports. We continue to understand that many employees are working from home and might be unable to sign the form, in these cases we ask that the request be emailed to us directly by the departmental requestor. These requests are typically processed within 24 hours of receipt.

If you have any questions or concerns about the form or the access type options, please email us at or call 487-2280.

Academic Employment – Summer Appointment and Compensation for Faculty

Regular faculty members with academic year (38 weeks) appointments may be granted summer appointments for teaching, research or service during the off-semester period. Summer appointment periods for more than 10 weeks are conditional upon certain requirements as described under Policy Requirements.

Please refer to our detailed information and instructions.  Contract Renee Ozanich at or 487-2280 for more information.

Lunch and Learn: Learn About and Help with Tech Trails Forest Restoration Project

Lunch & Learn: Learn About and Help with Tech Trails Forest Restoration Project

Join Dr. Andrew Storer and Dr. Sigrid Resh to learn about:

  • History of emerald ash borer (EAB) in the Keweenaw
  • Tree planting grant to mitigate ash mortality due to EAB
  • Community volunteer opportunity to help the health of the forest

This presentation will take place from 12-1pm. Monday, September 23, in the MUB Ballroom A2. 

Feel free to bring your lunch; beverages will be provided.

This free event is open to faculty, staff, students and community members.

Attendance counts toward Husky Health Option 2.

Questions? Contact