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  • Day: March 16, 2021

    Visit with Dean Livesay … In Person!

    Dr. Livesay’s open office hours are discontinued for the summer and will return in August. Have a fantastic summer!

    College of Computing Dean Dennis Livesay holds open drop-in office hours every Friday from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., when classes are in session.

    And starting Friday, March 19, you can meet with Dean Livesay in person!

    Drop-in office hours are now both virtual and in-person. Stop by Rekhi Hall Room 217.

    All faculty, staff, and students who wish to chat with Dr. Livesay are invited to “stop in” to this weekly meeting. Appointments are not needed.

    Summer Youth Programs (SYP): Topics in Computing

    With extensive safety planning and health precautions underway, Michigan Tech Summer Youth Programs plans to offer in-person programs for summer 2021. Programs run weekly from June 21-August 7, 2021.

    Registration is now open for 2021 Summer Youth Programs. Many classes are already full, but there are plenty more to choose from

    Interested in computing-related classes? Below are SYP programs of particular interest.

    Explore the SYP website and see all SYP classes here.

    Computing Programs
    Class NumberTitleAdditional Cost RequiredSeats AvailableGradesWeek
    51400App and Web Development: Designing for Humans129 – 11July 18 – July 24
    51890Coding for the Internet of ThingsSee Course Details129 – 11July 11 – July 17
    51678Coding for the Internet of ThingsSee Course Details129 – 11June 20 – June 26
    52422Introduction to Computational Physics159 – 11June 20 – June 26
    51204Introduction to Video Game Programming126 – 8June 27 – July 03
    51541Video Game Programming79 – 11July 18 – July 24
    Engineering Programs
    Class No.Class TitleAdd’l CostsSeats Avail.Grade LevelDates of Class
    52409AI & Machine LearningNone89-11July 18 – July 24
    52199The Gaming Industry Wants You!None69-11June 27 – July 3
    52410Intro to the Perfect MachineNone76-8July 18 – July 24
    52412The Perfect MachineNone209-11July 11 – July 17
    51909Electrical and Computer EngineeringSee Course Details79-11June 27 – July 3
    52092Electrical and Computer EngineeringSee Course Details119-11June 20 – June 26
    51190Electrical and Computer EngineeringSee Course Details59-11July 11 – July 17
    Scholarship Programs
    51435Women in Computer Science (WICS)None179-11June 27 – July 3
    Science and Technology Programs
    52199The Gaming Industry Wants You!None69-11June 27 – July 3