Paper by Nathir Rawashdeh Published in MDPI Actuators Journal

A paper by Dr. Nathir Rawashdeh, Applied Computing, has been published in Volume 10, Issue 10 of the MDPI journal, Actuators. The title of the article is, “Gripper Control Design and Simulation for OpenROV Submarine Robot.”

Michigan Tech PhD student Nader J. Abu-Alrub, Electrical and Computing Engineering, is co-author of the article, Nader’s research interests include robotics, control systems, sensor fusion, autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence.

Abstract. In this work, a design of a gripper for the underwater OpenROV vehicle is presented. OpenROV is an open-source underwater vehicle design for remote underwater exploration. It can enable systems of underwater internet of things and real-time monitoring. Mechanical aspects of the presented gripper design are discussed including actuation, motion transmission, kinematics and general arrangement, which resembles a delta robot. The Denavit-Hartenberg (DH) notation will be employed to define reference frames on one of the fingers in order to build transformation matrices and the forward kinematics matrix. The results from the forward kinematics are used to define the workspace that can be covered by each finger. The maximum force from the fingertip is estimated using Newton-Euler equations. Finally, the transfer function and the mass moment of inertia of the second link in the finger, that is, the fingertip is calculated for control simulations. A control stability analysis is provided and shows a stable system.

Link to the publication here.

Citation. Rawashdeh, N.; Abu-Alrub, N. Gripper Control Design and Simulation for OpenROV Submarine Robot. Actuators 2021, 10, 252.