Computing[MTU] Showcase Poster Competition Winners

Thank you to all the students who entered our first-ever Computing[MTU] Showcase Poster session. The number of entries (more than 40) was much higher than expected, and the competition judges had to make some tough decisions. We are pleased to announce the winners below. Congratulations to all!

View all the poster abstracts here.

Graduate Students

Best Poster

Shruti Amre, Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors, Cognitive and Learning Sciences: “Keep your hands on the wheel: the effect of driver engagement strategy on change detection, mind wandering, and gaze behavior”

Second Place (2-way tie)

Evan Lucas and Steven Whitaker, Electrical Engineering, ECE: “Active learning with binary feedback on multiclass problems”
Suresh Pokharel,  Computer Science:  “O-GlcNAcylation (O-GlcNAc) Site Prediction Using Deep Learning Methods”

Honorable Mention: Best Demonstration

Dylan Gaines, Computer Science: “Optimizing an Ambiguous Keyboard for Location-Independent Text Entry”

Undergraduate Students

Best Poster

Anthony Palmer and Elijah Cobb Physics and Applied Mathematics: “Universal Sensor Description Schema:An extensible metalanguage to support heterogenous, evolving sensor data”

Second Place

Joshua Reynolds, Software Engineering: ” Results of typing on three different angled virtual keyboards using the HoloLens Version 2 a Mixed Reality device”  

Third Place

Thomas Grifka, Computer Science:”Image Steganography: Unknown Information

Honorable Mention: Best Visual Design

Kevin Cornell and Christian Clemmons, Computer Science: “Supply Chain Simulator”

Honorable Mention: Best Presentation

Kirk Thelen, Computer Science: “Illuminated Devices: A Sociotechnical System to Broaden Access to Digital Assistance”