Introducing the new online IT Support Center

We’ve updated our IT Support Center, the online self-help website that has answers to common IT questions and technical issues.

Let’s take a look at how to navigate the new site.

Landing Page

Michigan Tech IT online support centerThe Support Center is still at Our new landing page includes information on how to contact IT, our hours of operation, and links to the Knowledge Base and other helpful information.

Select the IT Knowledge Base button for the catalog of self-service articles.

We’ve also linked to articles on how to search the KB and how to submit a ticket to IT Help.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base home page
Browse articles by category or keyword, and submit ideas for future articles.

All the online self-support articles are found in the Knowledge Base, a collection of solutions for general IT support topics. You’ll find everything from how to print from your personal computer to everything you need to know about Huskycards.

Articles are organized into categories for easier searching. Quick links to popular and most recent articles, as well as popular article tags are listed in the right sidebar.

Do you have a suggestion for an article you think should be in the Knowledge Base? You can submit those ideas by selecting the link in the Articles section.

Search tool for Knowledge Base
Enter a keyword in the Search field or search for a category in the Category field; it will auto-populate as you type.

You can browse the Knowledge Base by category or search for something more specific. Select Search in the navigation bar. This will open the search tool, where you can search by keyword or category.

Article Pages

Article page in the support centerOn individual article pages, any related articles will be listed in the right sidebar.

At the bottom of each page, you can tell IT staff if the article was helpful or not. Your feedback lets us know if an article needs revision or improvement.

We hope these changes to the support center will improve your self-service experience! Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. You can email IT Help at or call us at (906) 487-1111.