Linux computer labs moving to RHEL8 for Fall 2021

All on-domain Linux Lab systems will be rebuilt with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL8) before the start of the Fall semester. This includes machines in:

  • Dow 211
  • J. R. Van Pelt Library (red zone)
  • MEEM 707
  • Rekhi 112
  • Rekhi 113
  • Rekhi 117
  • Rekhi 118
  • Linux coursework servers (joshua.csl) and (wopr.csl).

RHEL8 is a completely new OS version so it is imperative that faculty and staff who have used RHEL7 for their coursework, classes, grading, or other work use the available RHEL8 test machines to help identify issues with software, scripts, course materials, and workflows, as well as offer feedback to help us improve the campus RHEL8 Lab system setup that will be used for the Fall semester. 

There are several options for testing software on RHEL8 throughout the summer:

  • In-person: Rekhi 117
  • Via SSH:
  • We may be able to temporarily deploy a loaner machine; contact us at

Note that the RHEL8 Lab configuration is currently under heavy development, and system configuration and software changes are happening often.  Once the Fall semester starts, the configuration will be stable and any fixes or requested changes will take longer to deploy.

The RHEL8 Linux Lab Software List Google sheet shows which software is currently deployed in RHEL8 and what software deployments are pending.  Please verify that any software you need for instruction/coursework is in this list with your contact information so that it can be deployed.

Any software that does not have associated contact information will be given the lowest priority for being added to the RHEL8 Lab configuration. Refer to the Linux Lab Software List for more information.

If any software required for instruction or coursework in on-domain Linux Labs is not shown in the RHEL8 Linux Lab Software List Google sheet referenced above, please use the form provided in the Requesting lab software knowledge base article to submit a new software request. Per the knowledge base article, new software requests for Fall semester were due at the end of Spring/beginning of Summer.  We will prioritize software requests received now for Fall semester according to resource availability.

For further information on the progress of transitioning on-domain Linux Labs to RHEL8 and future important announcements pertinent to on-domain Linux systems, please join the linux-itinfo-l Google group; refer to these instructions on joining the Google group.

Please contact Information Technology at 906-487-1111 or with any questions, concerns, or feedback about the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 transition.