Month: February 2015

Employee Wellness Win-by-Losing Challenge

Have you been trying to get healthier and lose weight?

SWEAT and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan invite you to participate in Win by Losing, a free, fun and healthy challenge that can help you take personal responsibility for your health and reach your weight-loss goals.

Register to be part of Michigan Tech’s team by Monday, Feb. 23. The official competition runs from Feb. 23 through April 24. Participants will submit weekly weigh-ins to compete against other BCBSM group customers. You will also have access to a toolkit to help you meet your goals. Register by visiting the SWEAT website and clicking on the “Win by Losing” links.

From Tech Today.

Dr. Elmer and the Velovations RENEW-U Team Making Headlines

RENEW-U1Assistant Professor Steve Elmer from Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology and the Velovations RENEW-U team was recently featured on UPMatters Channel 3.  The group continues with their design of an exercise machine that could enable individuals with limited mobility another way to keep upper body strength for daily living and fitness.

Michigan Tech Students Create Exercise Machine