KIP Faculty, Students Present in Boston


Several faculty members and graduate students in the Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology (KIP) Department and Biological Sciences Department traveled to EB2015, Experimental Biology 2015, on March 28-April 1, 2015.

PhD student, Ida Fonkoue, was awarded the 2015 Caroline tum Suden/Frances Hellebrandt Award from the American Physiological Society. She also presented a poster during the conference and gave an oral presentation based on the following paper:

Abstract Title: Acute oral ingestion of alcohol modulates sympathetic neural transduction differently in Caucasians and African Americans

Master’s student Michael Huber presented the following posters at the conference:

Sympathoexcitation by Inhibition of SK Channel Activity in the Hypothalamic PVN is Attenuated by Local AT1 Receptor Blockade
Authors: Michael Huber, Le Gui, Andrew Chapp, Mingjun Gu, Jianhua Zhu, Zhiying Shan and Qing-Hui Chen

Stimulation of the Prorenin Receptor in the Paraventricular Nucleus Increases Sympathetic Outflow in Anesthetized Rat
Authors: Michael Huber, Rupsa Basu, Qing-Hui Chen and Zhiying Shan

PhD student Andrew Chapp gave an invited talk at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. The talk was entitled, “Acetate is an Active Metabolite of Ethanol: Increases Firing and Evokes Inward Currents through Activation of NMDA Receptors in RVLM Projecting CeA Neurons.”

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