Students of Kinesiology, Kurt Kitti


Meet current Sports and Fitness Management (SSFM) student, Kurt Kitti. Kurt is a non-traditional student coming back to school after living a life full of adventure. He is married with six children and has held many different positions in both private and government sectors, including 21 years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force and nine years as an Army Civilian and private consultant. Kurt holds multiple degrees, including two MS degrees.

Why come back to school? Why SSFM? Kurt responded, “I’ve always loved sports and exercise.” Since it has been awhile, he had some initial reservations about coming back and his ability to remember lots of technical material and details required to be a successful student. What he is finding is that the life experiences and skills developed over the years have prepared him well for this new challenge. He also commented that the program course progression quickly ties together what you are learning in the different classes. He is still exploring options for after graduation but would like to help people learn ways to develop and maintain their personal health and wellness throughout their lifetime.

Like Kurt, many people might have reservations about coming back to school as an adult. He’s proving that no matter your age or circumstance it is possible. He offered this suggestion, “Don’t set self-imposed limits.”

As a veteran, we salute you this Veteran’s Day, Kurt! Thank you for your service to this country and your determination to never say never to learning. We wish you continued success on your life’s journey and your time with us at Michigan Tech.