Patrick Bowen Receives American Heart Association Fellowship

Patrick Bowen
Patrick Bowen

The Research Committee of the American Heart Association (AHA) has approved activation of a Midwest Affiliate Summer 2012 Predoctoral Fellowship for MSE graduate student Patrick Bowen for two years. Bowen’s application was ranked in the top 5.5% of 100 applications (20 were funded) by the AHA.

The title of the project is “Development of Novel Zinc-Based Bioabsorbable Stents for the Treatment of Vascular Stenoses.” His advisor is Dr. Jaroslaw Drelich.

The research Award was made possible by the dedicated work of people of all ages and backgrounds who volunteer their time and talents to fight heart disease through advocacy efforts and fundraising activities.


Bowen will receive $52,000 over two years to support his research on the development of bioabsorbable, zinc-based stents.

Professor Jarek Drelich (MSE) is Bowen’s advisor, with Associate Professor Jeremy Goldman (Biomedical Engineering) proving additional direction to his research.

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