3-D Open Source in the News

Joshua PearceJoshua Pearce (MSE/ECE) and his group’s work with open-source 3-D
printing were quoted or featured in:

*Chemical and Engineering News: 3-D Printers Move Into Research Labs.

*The cover story of Science News: The 3-D Printing Revolution Dreams made real, one layer at a time.

*The Analytical Scientist:Share, and We All Grow Richer.

From Tech Today.

Joshua Pearce (MSE/ECE) and his group’s work with recycling waste into
3-D printing filament were quoted or featured in:
Tech4Trade’s 3D4D challenge, a charity with a mission to alleviate poverty by acting as a catalyst for the development of new technology-based solutions that address many of the barriers to trade for poor rural communities.

3Ders, a 3-D printing news site.

Personalize, the hub for the personal manufacturing community.

From Tech Today.