TechCrunch Interview of Joshua Pearce

Joshua PearceAn Interview With Dr. Joshua Pearce Of Printers For Peace

Joshua Pearce, PhD, is a researcher at Michigan Tech who rearches open source and low-impact solutions to engineering problems. He is also the founder of the Printers For Peace contest, an effort to bring together clever 3D-printed ideas that have loftier aims. You can win one of two 3D printers if you submit a winning project.

We asked Pearce a few questions about his goals for the project and about the future of 3D printing.

John Biggs: Why Printers For Peace?

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In the News

TechCrunch, a technology news web site, published an interview with Associate Professor Joshua Pearce (MSE) about his 3D Printers for Peace contest. The interview was picked up and republished by news aggregator STEMDaily. See The 3D Printing for Peace Contest was also covered in 3D Printing Industry and 3D Printing World.

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