Staff and Postdoc Positions at NC State’s Analytical Instrumentation

Organization: North Carolina State University

Title-Subject: [Filtered] Fwd: staff and postdoc positions at NC State’s Analytical Instrumentation
Facility (AIF)

Message: See message below, sent on behalf of the Associate Director of the Analytical
Instrumentation Facility at NCSU.

Dear colleagues,

The Analytical Instrumentation Facility (AIF) at North Carolina State University  is now seeking to
fill multiple staff and postdoctoral positions in the areas of electron microscopy and X-ray
diffraction. Positions are detailed in the links provided below. Please forward this information to
those who may have an interest in applying.

TEM facility manager:
X-ray diffraction laboratory manager:
Postdoctoral research scholars who are experts or emerging experts in at least one of the areas of
electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and/or surface analysis:

Jacob L. Jones

Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Associate Director, Analytical Instrumentation Facility
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC
Phone: 919-515-4557