Getting ready for graduate school at Michigan Tech

If you are considering continuing with an advanced degree at Michigan Tech after graduation, the first step is applying through the Graduate School.  The admissions staff there can answer questions regarding the application process, requirements, and special programs.  You may apply to graduate school when you have junior class standing (60 earned credit hours).

  • The ME-EM department does offer an accelerated Master’s program which allows Michigan Tech undergraduate students to count up to 6 acceptable credits towards both the BS and MS degrees (double-counting).  Student must have a 3.00 minimum cumulative GPA to qualify and declare their interest in this program when applying to grad school. The application to the accelerated masters program must be submitted prior to undergraduate graduation.  Inquire with the graduate school about which undergraduate credits may be acceptable to use for the MS degree.  Students may only pursue the accelerated BS/MS if they remain enrolled at Michigan Tech.  A student may not have a gap between graduation with the BS and starting the MS degree (a break over summer is fine however).  Students may be able to take advantage of the accelerated masters program even if both degrees are not in the same department (e.g. a BSME student might pursue an MS in biomedical engineering or an MBA). Inquires about programs and which credits may be acceptable to use for the MS degree should be directed to the Graduate School.
  • Students who have room in their schedules for extra courses in their last 1 or 2 semesters of undergraduate work may also consider applying surplus undergraduate credits towards an advanced degree via the Senior Rule.  These credits must be surplus to bachelor’s degree/minor requirements and will be placed onto a separate, graduate-level transcript.  These credits will then only count towards the advanced degree (not double counted with the BS).  Inquire with the graduate school about which credits may be acceptable to use for the MS degree and work with an undergraduate academic advisor to ensure the credits are not necessary for completion of the BSME.  Also, students should consult with Financial Aid if the placement of credits into the graduate level via senior rule will drive their undergraduate credits below 12 total for any semester.  Less than 12 undergraduate credits in a semester, even if it is your last undergraduate semester before graduation, can cause a loss of financial aid in some situations.
  • Michigan Tech also now offers many options for 9-credit graduate certificates (some may require more than 9 credits) that may be pursued after BS degree completion.  More info can be found here.  Many of these certificates can be completed online.  Some examples of ME-EM certificates are Aerodynamics, Automotive Systems and Controls, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Control Systems, Dynamic Systems, Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicle Engineering, Quality Engineering, Safety and Security of Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems, and Vehicle Dynamics.

If you are thinking of graduate school/post-graduate education at another institution, you must contact graduate admissions there to get details on how to apply, required testing (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc), program requirements, accelerated programs, use of senior rule credits, etc.