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How do I register on BanWeb and what if I think I need a waiver?

Please use this link for registration FAQs:


And here is a video tutorial regarding online registration through BanWeb:


If you get a registration error, please pay attention to the specific error that comes up and you may be able to troubleshoot the problem.  Check the course prerequisites/restrictions and the course descriptions listing by clicking on the section CRN in BanWeb.  If you think you need a waiver to override an error, please see below.

Some common registration issues that may require waivers/permissions are below.  Approval/Waiver form is available from the Registrar’s Office website or in hard copy in the ME Academic Advising Center.

Types of waivers:

  • Filled sections: Get approval from department offering the course.  See FAQ #9 for listing of correct contact person(s) by department.  May or may not require a signed form.  For full MEEM courses, there is a Google Form wait list process to follow.  See an ME Academic advisor for details.
  • Lacking prerequisite: Get approval from MEEM course coordinator – see an academic advisor to identify the right faculty member – or the department/instructor offering the course. Prerequisites are NOT generally waived for required MEEM courses.
  • Instructor approval: Most commonly required to enroll in enterprise project courses.  For enterprise, may use this internal ME form through the end of 1st week of the semester.  Otherwise special approval or late-add form (if after 1st week) is used.  See an advisor for these forms.  An email form the enterprise advisor to meadvise@mtu.edu in lieu of a sign form is acceptable.
  • Special Approval/Restriction waivers: Use Approval/Waiver Form for instructor permission to waive class restriction, level restriction, or other restrictions where appropriate.
  • Credit overload permission form: Approval signature from your academic advisor.  Approval from the Dean of Students office is necessary if on academic probation.  Academic advisors are generally not inclined to approve credit overloads (enrolling in more than 18 credits in a semester).
  • Time conflict: Approval from all instructors involved is required.  Use the Approval/Waiver Form.
  • Grading Changes: Used if student wishes to change the course to an audit or pass-fail.

To obtain approvals:

  1. Print a waiver form or pick the correct form up from the ME Advising Center (some forms are available outside the offices, others you can request from an advisor).
  2. Fully complete your form and get required signatures.
  3. Bring completed, signed waivers to:
    • The Registrar’s Office – First floor Administration Building
    • or ME Advising Center (for MEEM or enterprise related forms)
    • Late-Add forms always go to the Registrar’s Office once signed off.

Emails from instructors, etc to meadvise@mtu.edu and/or schedule@mtu.edu (as applicable) in place of signed forms are acceptable.

Enterprise: Instructor approval required for many enterprise teams, every semester. Bring the enrollment form to the enterprise faculty advisor for their signature. Return signed form to ME Advising Center (205 MEEM, inside 203) by the end of 1st week.  An approval email from the enterprise advisor to meadvise@mtu.edu is acceptable also.  Late Add procedures are in effect after 1st week.  For ENT 4950 the typical instructor permission form is not used.  See FAQ #2 or here for ENT 4950 enrollment instructions.

Late Adds: After 1st week of the semester, any added courses or section changes are late adds.  See an academic advisor to determine if a late add is appropriate and to get a late add form.  MEEM course control/waiting list policies are still in effect for late-adds or section changes of MEEM courses.  Emails may be used in place of forms.

Another common registration error is a linked section error.  If you see this error, it means that you missed a course component for a course that requires more than one CRN for registration.  Typically because a recitation (R0X) and a lab (L0X) are both required for that course.  For different courses this can mean different things:

  • Calculus – MA 1160/1161/2160/3160 – Need a recitation and a lab and the section numbers must match.  R01 with L01, R02 with L02, etc.
  • Chemistry – Any section of CH 1150 can go with any section of CH 1151, but both must be registered simultaneously (otherwise corequisite error).
  • Mechanical Engineering Practice (MEP) Courses:
    • MEEM 2901 – MEP I – For the fall semester certain section combinations are required.  R01/R02 must schedule L01-L08 OR L17. R03/R04 must schedule L09-L16 OR L18.  For the spring semester, R01 and any lab section can be registered.
    • MEEM 2911 – MEP II – R01 and any lab section can be registered.
    • MEEM 3901 – MEP III – Need a recitation and a lab and the section numbers must match.  R01 with L01, R02 with L02, etc.
    • MEEM 3911 – MEP IV – R01 and any lab section can be registered. 
  • Circuits – EE 3010 – Any lecture (0A, 0B, etc) and any lab.  However if an online lecture section is selected, the online lab section must also be selected.
  • Some technical electives have labs – MEEM 4405, 4430, 4701, 4702, 4704, 4705, 4707, 4775, MSE 4310, etc.  Typically, in these situations R01 and any lab section will work.