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Transfer credits from other schools

Transfer Credits: If you choose to take classes elsewhere and transfer them to Michigan Tech, please follow the below procedure.  The Transfer Services web page has links for all the information you will need as referenced below.

  • First, choose courses that are an approved equivalent to Michigan Tech courses required for your degree.
  • To access a list of courses already approved for transfer, use the Michigan Tech Transfer Equivalency System.  This online system is also linked through the Transfer Services page.  It is organized by state and then by institution.  This is the system you must use for these equivalencies rather than transfer guides, etc from any other source.  It is a good idea to make a dated screenshot of any equivalencies you find just in case anything changes between when you look the course up and when you complete the course.
    • The Michigan Transfer Network may be a useful, time-saving tool for looking up course equivalencies at other institutions in the state of Michigan.  This website allows you to see all other equivalent courses at colleges or universities in the state in one search, rather than looking at each institution separately.  However, it is recommended that you confirm any equivalencies you find here by cross-referencing the Michigan Tech Transfer Equivalency System.
  • Any courses with an equivalent course number shown on the Critical & Creative Thinking list, Social Responsibility & Ethical Reasoning list, any HASS list, or Co-Curricular list may be used for those requirements.
  • Any courses with an equivalent course number shown on the ME tech elective list or MEEM 4XXE in most cases may be used for those requirements.  MEEM 4XXE is mainly used to transfer a course that is not equivalent to any specific MEEM course, but does meet the criteria for technical elective credit.
  • Equivalent transfer courses to both MA 2710 and MA 2720 are acceptable in place of MA 3710 for the BSME program.
  • If the course you want or need is NOT included in the transfer equivalency system, you can request to have it evaluated for transfer credit by contacting Transfer Services.
  • Transfer Services will let you know if you need to submit a course syllabus for evaluation.
  • A short catalog description is not enough information to evaluate a course for possible Michigan Tech credit. You must provide a syllabus.  The below information should be included.
  1. University or college name and location
  2. Course number, course title, and number of credits (note if credits are not on a standard semester system)
  3. Textbook(s) used
  4. Detailed description of topics (not just outcomes) and grading system. At a minimum, the description of topics must include a week-by-week (class-by-class, etc) breakdown of the topics/chapters covered.
  5. If all this information is available online, you can send attached files or link(s) to transfer@mtu.edu. Allow several weeks for the course evaluation process to be completed by the appropriate Michigan Tech academic department.
  6. Before submitting a course for evaluation, please make sure that the course is being offered and you intend/are allowed to take it. Please bear in mind that you will be subject to any pre-requisites or restrictions in place at the transfer institution, as well as Michigan Tech pre-reqs, etc.
  • If you will be taking a class at another institution in the state of Michigan (regardless of your in-state or out-of-state residency), fill out a Guest Student Application and submit it to Michigan Tech Transfer Services.  This will streamline the process of becoming a student at another college or university in Michigan.  Transfer Services must complete Part II on the application form (ME advisors cannot complete this).  See this document to find out how to complete the guest student application at different institutions across the state.
  • Once admitted as a guest student, register for the course(s) at the other institution.
  • If a transfer course you are taking is a prerequisite for a course you plan to take in your next semester at Michigan Tech, notify Transfer Services of your registration and an in-session (IS) placeholder can be entered into Banner.  The IS will act as a pre-req to allow you to register for the next course(s) you need here at Tech.
  • Complete the transfer course(s).  Grades for each course must be ‘C’ (2.00/4.00 or equivalent) or better to be accepted by Michigan Tech. For example, a grade of ‘C-minus’ will not transfer.
  • How to complete transfer of credits to Michigan Tech:
    Request an official copy of your transcript be sent to Michigan Tech as soon as you have completed the course(s) and earned a ‘C’ or better.  This will not happen automatically.  You must make a transcript request with the institution where you have completed courses.  Official transcripts are sealed and must be sent to/received by Michigan Tech Transfer Services directly (electronically or otherwise) from other institutions. Do not request these transcripts to be sent to yourself, academic advisors, etc.
  • Earned transfer credits are not included in any GPA calculations, but can impact your GPAs if the transfer replaces a previous Michigan Tech grade.  Removal of poor grades from these calculations may cause GPAs to improve once transfer credits are entered. The earned grade at the transferring institution will not be used to calculate Michigan Tech GPAs.
  • At least 30 credits of upper-level (3000 or higher) coursework must be completed at Michigan Tech to earn a Michigan Tech degree.
  • Study Abroad credits are not necessarily transfer credits.  Typically, study-abroad credits through sanctioned study-abroad programs are considered to be Michigan Tech credits and are normally graded as pass-fail according to minimum standards of grades that are earned while studying through those programs.  Contact The Pavlis Honors College for more information on study-abroad opportunities and the pre-departure process.  Courses will be evaluated and possibly approved as equivalent to Michigan Tech courses similar to the syllabus submission process detailed above.  It is critical that you have all your study-abroad equivalencies pre-approved before leaving Michigan Tech and departing for that experience.