Day: August 6, 2019

Jeremy Worm Appointed to Michigan Truck Safety Commission

Jeremy Worm
Jeremy Worm

LANSING, Mich. (WLUC) – Governor Gretchen Whitmer Friday announced the following appointments to the Michigan Truck Safety Commission.

Among the seven appointees is Jeremy J. Worm, associate director of APS LABS and director of Mobile Lab at Michigan Technological University. He earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. Dr. Worm is appointed to succeed Daniel Blower, whose term expires August 4, 2019, to represent four-year colleges or universities for a term commencing August 5, 2019, and expiring August 4, 2021.

The Michigan Truck Safety Commission (MTSC) is the only organization in the nation dedicated to commercial truck driver education and training supported solely by the industry it serves. The Commission is committed to enhancing truck and truck driver safety by providing truck driver education and training, heightening all drivers’ awareness of the operational characteristics and limitations of trucks, initiating data collection and research, and supporting enforcement of motor carrier safety laws.

These appointments are subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.

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