Day: September 1, 2023

MTU Social Media Channels Ranked No. 3 Overall for 2023 Higher Ed Engagement Report

According to Rival IQ’s 2023 Higher Education Social Media Engagement Report, Michigan Tech’s social media was ranked No. 3 overall for the Top D2 Overall Higher Education Institutions on Social category. This is Tech’s first time making it on the Rival IQ report.

Rival IQ’s Michigan Tech section in the “Higher Education Social Media Engagement Report 2023

The report assesses colleges and universities based on their overall engagement and engagement rates. The criteria for engagement on social media involves quantifiable interactions such as likes, comments, favorites, saves, retweets, shares, and reactions. To calculate engagement rate, divide the total engagement by the number of followers. High engagement rates, coupled with average or better-than-average audience size and posting volumes, are the key factors that distinguish the best-performing colleges and universities on social media.

Collaborations across teams within Michigan Tech’s University Marketing and Communications department has played a key role in our high engagement on social media platforms. Working together, teams shared their expertise and knowledge to create better campaigns, content, and strategies.

For example, the social media team worked closely with the content team to develop compelling stories that resonated with the audience. The studio team provided visually appealing graphics, photos, and video that grabbed attention. Similarly, the data gathered using analytics provided valuable insights into what type of content resonated with the audience and what didn’t. Tech’s social media team has been putting an increased effort on using engagement rate to decipher content direction. Utilizing insights gathered from engagement rate helps with understanding the relationship between our brand and our audience.

The report touted Michigan Tech’s social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. “The Huskies love science, and are proud to show it through their social media content, featuring everything from research to science-related student activities to faculty achievements,” it stated.

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