VPA at KCACTF Region 3 Festival

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Mainstage Theatre
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Mainstage Theatre

Visual and Performing Arts faculty attended the Kennedy Center American College Theater (KCACTF) Region 3 Festival, Jan. 6–10, 2015, in Milwaukee.

MC Friedrich presented a workshop on costume draping, Christopher Plummer presented a workshop on wireless microphones and Josh Loar taught a workshop on using QLab for theatrical sound design. Trish Helsel was the workshop coordinator for the entire festival.

From Tech Today.

2015 Region III KCACTF Award Recipients from Michigan Tech

Design Storm
Honorable Mention
Sound: Austin Scott
Award Recipients
Scenery: Mark Postma

S.P.A.M. Prop Award
Jamie Aneshansel

Regional Design Projects
Sound Design
Eric Smith

Tech Olympics
Individual Event Best Times
Lance Cohoon and Cambry Wade
Josh Maiville
Devin Miller and Jason Scott

The Games of the Technological Olympiad
Team Event
Bronze Medal
Alec Greitsell and Josh Maiville
Silver Medal
Jamie Aneshansel and Robert Billings

Design and Technology Allied Design and Technologies Award
Honorable Mention
Jamie Aneshansel