Course Materials – Inclusive Access for Engineering Fundamentals Students

Inclusive AccessThe Fall 2017 semester at Michigan Tech brought something new to the Engineering Fundamentals 1001 and 1101 students: Inclusive Access. In an effort to offset the rising costs of course materials, the Campus Store, in conjunction with the publisher, an e-book vendor and the Engineering Fundamentals faculty, provided students course material access (in the form of an e-book) through Canvas for the first day of classes. Students were emailed prior to the semester to explain the process. If they so chose they could opt-out of the Inclusive Access program within the first 10 days of the semester and seek alternatives on their own. If they didn’t opt-out or drop the course, their tuition accounts were charged.

The cost savings for 896 Engineering Fundamental students exceeded $72,000. The course materials that formerly cost the students $230 as physical books only cost them $149 digitally through the Inclusive Access program. The same course material is used throughout the First Year Engineering Program sequence, and students can access the material for two years.

Research indicates students who have access to course materials have a higher success rate in the classroom than those that choose not to use them. The Campus Store is looking to expand the Inclusive Access program and continue ensuring we do our part to increase the chances of student success.

By Campus Store.