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New Degree Program: Natural Resources Management

The Presidents’ Council, State Universities of Michigan has approved Michigan Tech’s new Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management. The new program will start this fall.

“The value of this new undergraduate degree program in natural resources management is that it is interdisciplinary and thus complements our existing disciplinary programs in natural resources,” said Terry Sharik, dean of the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science. “Thus, rather than focusing on a single renewable resource, such as wood, wildlife, water or recreation, it will integrate across these resource areas and include the ecological, social and economic dimensions of natural resource or ecosystem management. It will complement our other degree programs as the graduates of this new program will be tasked with overseeing teams of specialists to work on complex issues related to natural resources and the environment. Another plus for the new degree program is it is likely to attract students who might not otherwise be attracted to our existing programs.

“We know from national data that such programs tend to attract a higher proportion of females and under-represented minorities than more traditional natural resource programs focused on single resources, and thus our new program should increase the overall diversity of our student body,” Sharik went on to say.

Article by Jennifer Donovan

The Wildlife Society 2013 Annual Conference

Michigan Tech Students Participating in Quiz Bowl

The Michigan Tech student chapter of The Wildlife Society had an excellent performance in the quiz bowl competition at The Wildlife Society 2013 Annual Conference, coming in fourth out of seventeen teams.  They were very nearly third, and played Humboldt State (2nd place & very tough) which is a success by most participants standards.  They beat Purdue in the 1st round, SUNY Cobleskill in the 2nd, lost to Humbolt in the 3rd, and barely lost to University of Tennessee in the deciding match for 3rd-4th place.