How to change your major or add a minor/concentration

Change major: Meet with your new advisor.  Advisors for each major are listed online.

  1. Find out the latest requirements for your proposed major from the department offering the major. See Degree Audits or go to the department website for flowcharts. Find out requirements for declaring your new major regarding GPA, probation status, etc.
  2. Some credits you’ve taken may be applied toward your new major – see the advisor for the new major to confirm your progress towards the new requirements and get any information on possible substitutions.
  3. Fill out a “Curriculum Add/Drop Form” to change your major. Take it to the new major advisor to be signed & processed.  Major changes made after Wednesday of the 2nd week of a semester will not be effective until the next semester.
  4. The new major advisor will handle all course enrollment issues and will register students and/or process waivers as appropriate.
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