Day: September 20, 2011

IT & Project Mgt Opportunities with Boeing


I received the following message from a recent graduate.  Mark was a double major with MIS and accounting. 

As a Michigan Tech School of Business alum (MIS and Accounting, 2009), I wanted to share some information with you that I believe would be useful to students who are trying to decide where to direct their post-collegiate careers.

The three-year Information Technology Career Foundation Program (ITCFP) is designed specifically for recent college graduates with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in information technology and related analytical fields.  The program allows participants to gain knowledge and experience in several key IT-related areas, including:

4 Application development

4 Infrastructure

4 Information security

Participants will gain experience in these and other critical areas while applying their knowledge and skills directly to different aspects of Boeing’s diverse business.   Program graduates will be able to make more informed decisions about where to direct their personal career paths within the company.

Participants will also have the opportunity to be mentored by seasoned IT professionals, meet and network with business and technology leaders across the company (as well as with other newly hired IT professionals and peers), attend special seminars and workshops at various sites, and continue to learn and grow while adding value to Boeing’s business.

Those interested in applying for the program should follow the link below to learn more:

IT Career Foundation Program:  

There are also many additional opportunities in Boeing IT for Internships and Direct Hire positions:

IT Internship:

Programmer Analyst:

Functional Analyst:

Project Management:

Versatile Technologist:

Systems Integration Specialist:

If anyone would like additional information on the ITCFP or Boeing, please have them contact me at .


Mark A. Cruth, Jr.

Michigan Technological University (2009)
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