Mark Roberts Fit for Award

Mark Roberts, Professor of Economics

“I am pleased to announce that Professor of Economics, Mark Roberts, has been chosen as this year’s Intramural Sports Distinguished Faculty Athlete,” said by Doug Oppliger, faculty advisor for Intramural Sports.

“Mark gets out on his skis, his feet or his bike almost everyday. It’s really important to him.

“When I talk to him and say I have been too busy to get out on the trails because of work, he gently reminds me of the importance of taking the time to do those things we love.

“Mark has competed in cross country ski races and mountain biking races. Although I am not to sure how much he competes, I think he epitomizes what we want student athletes to do–incorporate healthy exercise into their everyday lives for the rest of their lives.

Mark will receive the award at this year’s Intramural Sports banquet at 6 p.m., Thursday, April 19.

“My deepest thanks to the committee (past five award recipients) who participated in the selection process,” said Oppliger.

2006-07–Bob Baillod (CEE)
2007-08–John Gershenson (ME-EM)
2008-09–Norma Veurink (Engineering Fundamentals)
2009-10–Tim Schulz (College of Engineering)
2010-11–Neil Hutzler (CEE)

Originally posted in Tech Today.