BonzAI Brawl

Put your AI to the test! On April 11, 2009 the 2nd Annual BonzAI Brawl programming competition will take place in the CS department at Michigan Tech University. The programming competition will be an all day event, where teams of 1 to 3 contestants will implement an AI player for a client/server game. The contestants will be given the details of the client API the day of the competition and must design a winning strategy within the 8 hours allotted. After coding ends, the AI’s are pitted against each other, one on one, in a double elimination style tournament (known as the BRAWL) to determine the winner. Spectators are welcome to attend and cheer for their favorite AI at the BRAWL. For more information about BonzAI Brawl or to register your team, visit All teams must register by March 20, 2009.

This event is being organized entirely by the following CS student organizations: Women in Computing Sciences (WiCS), Husky Game Development (HGD) and Upsilon Pi Epsilon Computer Science Honor Society (UPE). Students in these groups have developed an original client/server game including the concept, rules, code, and graphics.

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