Month: February 2012

Computer Science Department Scholar Announced

John Bush has been selected as the Department Scholar for 2012. At the 18th Annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony being held on Friday, April 13, 2012, John will be recognized as the Computer Science Departmental Scholar and will receive a $200 cash award, along with a student from each academic department at Michigan Technological University.

In addition, one of the Departmental Scholars will be selected as as the Provost’s Award for Scholarship recipient and receive an additional $800 cash award. The Department congratulates you on your hard work.

CS Department Scholar 2012 Nominations

At the 18th Annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony being held on April 13, 2012, our department will recognize one CS student as its 2012 Department Scholar. This student will receive a $200 cash award from the university. In addition, from the collective 2012 department scholars, one student will be selected to receive the Provost’s Award for Scholarship. This is an additional $800 cash award.

Our department has selected the following nominees for the CS Department Scholar: John Bush, Jeanette Head, Sonya Hochkammer, Keith Jurek, Paul LaMotte and Zachary Wolberg

Each nominee has been selected by the CS faculty because the CS department sees them as meeting the criteria specified by the university in choosing one Department Scholar. The Department Scholar receives recognition based on these criteria: excellent academic performance, research and/or scholarly activities, intellectual curiosity, creativity and good communication skills. Even though only one CS student is chosen for this award, the CS department wishes to recognize all six CS students and congratulate them on their hard work and scholarly success at Michigan Tech.