FlowGraph Research gets Honorable Mention at IEEE PacificVis

Computer Science PhD student Jun Ma, Assistant Professor Chaoli Wang, and Professor Ching-Kuang Shene received an Honorable Mention for their paper, “FlowGraph: A Compound Hierarchical Graph for Flow Field Exploration“, at the IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), Feb. 26 – Mar. 1, 2013, in Sydney, Australia. In this paper, the authors present a novel graph-based solution for visual analytics of three-dimensional large and complex flow field data sets, enabling occlusion-free observation and comparison of streamlines and their spatial relationships in a controllable fashion.

Exploring interesting flow patterns in the car flow data set. Selecting three L-nodes (one at the next level of the hierarchy) to capture the main flow structure passing through the car.

PacificVis is one of the three leading conferences in the field of visualization. This year, out of 118 submission, 34 were accepted, from which one was awarded the best paper and four received honorable mentions. Chaoli Wang attended the symposium and presented the paper. He also presented another accepted paper “iTree: Exploring Time-Varying Data using Indexable Tree” at the symposium, coauthored with his PhD student Yi Gu.