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  • Month: May 2014

    Dr. Chaoli Wang receives CAREER award from NSF

    Dr. Chaoli Wang, Associate Professor of Computer Science, has received a prestigious CAREER award from the National Science Foundation.  This award will provide $489,245 of support over five years for his project titled “Effective Analysis, Exploration, and Visualization of Big Flow Data to Understand Dynamic Flows”.

    The goal of this CAREER project is to pioneer a comprehensive framework toward effective visual understanding of flow fields. It contributes to the state of the art flow visualization by promoting an innovative database approach to shape-based field line modeling and classification, investigating new string-, sketch- and graph-based interfaces and interactions for flow field exploration, and exploring occlusion and clutter reduction through unconventional streamline repositioning and automatic tour generation. The general approach developed in this research is expected to substantially improve our ability to visually understand a wide spectrum of flow fields, ranging from the traditional application of fluid flows to new applications such as traffic flows, cash flows and message flows. The success of this research will benefit a wide variety of applications within and beyond graphics and visualization, such as shape analysis, visual perception, database organization, game development, and visualization in education.