Month: July 2014

Using “Superior” Supercomputer for Advanced Research

Michigan Tech is home to a supercomputer known as “Superior” and this computer is used for a variety of projects by research faculty right here in the Department of Computer Science:

Laura Brown, Towards a reliable method for comparing large scale machine learning algorithms

Ali Ebnenasir, Computational synthesis of self-stabilizing protocols

Chaoli Wang, High-performance parallel analysis and visualization of Big Data

Read more at insideHPC.

Graduate School Announces Doctoral Finishing Fellowships for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

The Graduate School is pleased to announce that the following students have earned:

Jun Ma, PhD candidate in computer science
Evgeniy Kulakov, PhD candidate in geology
Colin Gurganus, PhD candidate in atmospheric sciences
Suntara Fueangfung, PhD candidate in chemistry
Fang Chen, PhD candidate in electrical engineering
Xiaohui Wang, PhD candidate in electrical engineering
Jennifer Riehl, PhD candidate in forest molecular genetics and biotechnology
Stephanie Ogren, PhD candidate in biological sciences
Tayloria Adams, PhD candidate in chemical engineering