Charles Wallace Testifies on Behalf of Seniors for Digital Literacy

Associate Professor Charles Wallace (CS) testified Friday before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce about a digital literacy program for seniors, Online at the Library, led by Wallace and Michigan Tech students.

The hearing dealt with how to protect seniors from hacker fraud. Online at the Library provides free computer training to seniors at the Portage Lake District Library.

From Tech Today.

The hearing was entitled “Fighting Fraud Against the Elderly, an Update.” Wallace mentioned the Michigan Tech support site, Breaking Digital Barriers. He provided about 5 minutes of testimony during the 45 minute hearing, as well as answering questions and participating throughout. The testimony┬ácan be viewed in the hearing video.

Wallace Fighting Fraud Against the Elderly, an Update

E and C Fighting Fraud Against the Elderly, an Update