Bob Mark Pitch Contest Winners Announced

by Husky Innovate

Congratulations to Husky Innovate’s Bob Mark Business Model Competition contestants and winners!

Michigan Tech Computer Engineering Ph.D. candidate Ranit Karmakar is among the awardees, winning first place and a $2,000 prize in the Business Model category.

The Bob Mark Business Model Competition was the main event during Innovation Week, a celebration of innovation by and with Michigan Tech students, alumni, faculty and staff.

On Jan. 28, thirteen student teams pitched their ideas and business models on a virtual platform. A panel of nine judges evaluated teams in four different categories and provided teams with feedback. Thousands of dollars worth of prizes were awarded.

This is the first virtual Bob Mark Pitch Competition and Tech student participation was a testament to Husky resilience during Covid-19. Tech student contestants showed that despite a different platform they were agile and enthusiastically pitched their ideas.

Congratulations to our prize winners:

Idea Pitch Category

  • First prize, $125 – Jordan Craven
  • Second prize, $75 – Ella Faulk
  • Third prize, $50- Rachel May

Business Model Category

  • First prize, $2,000 Awarded by Rick and Jo Berquist – Ranit Karmaker
  • Second prize, $1,000- Kyra Pratley
  • Third prize, $500 – Hunter Malinowski
  • Honorable Mention, $250 – Tanner Sheahan & Marcus Lamarucciola
  • Audience Favorite, $250 – Kyra Pratley
  • Social Impact Awards — Awarded by Dr. Elham Asgari, Gates Professor, College of Business

Other Awards

In the Idea Category, $100 – Rachel May
In the Business Model Category, $1,000 – Ranit Karmakar
MTEC SmartZone’s Breakout Innovation Award – Awarded by the MTEC SmartZone
In the Business Model Category Hunter Malinowski, $1,000

Special Thanks

Special thanks to those who gave their time and resources to make the evening a success:

Our sponsors — Dean Johnson (COB), Rick and Jo Berquist, Elham Asgari (COB), Mary Raber (PHC), Patrick Visser (MTEC SmartZone).

Our judges — Lorelle Meadows (PHC), Leonard Bohmann (CoE), Marika Siegel (HU), Josue Reynoso (COB), Emanuel Xavier-Oliveira (COB), Elham Asgari (COB), Lexi Steve student (ME/PHC), Hajj Flemings ( MTU alumni) and Patrick Visser, (chief commercial officer, MTEC SmartZone).

Thanks to our emcee Nate Yenor, MTRAC Commercial Program Director; Our marketing team including Vienna Leonarduzzi and Rebecca Barnard, (PHC) and Megan Cole, (Husky Innovate Intern).

And last, but definitely not least, our graphic designer Laura Vidal Chiesa, Graduate Student (CAS/Husky Innovate Intern).

Thanks to all who attended. We look forward to next year’s event.